Nominate Elders & Deacons & Ministry Chairs

Commitment & Qualifications

The Congregational Nominating Committee (CNC) seeks individuals who are committed to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and who are willing to serve Christ’s Church as officers (elders and deacons) and ministry leaders.  These individuals must be active members of Great Bridge Presbyterian Church. They are ordinarily elected for a 3-year term which begins in June. GBPC has also created a leadership role we call ministry chairs.  While not officers of the church, these individuals serve as the leaders of ministry teams responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the church.  For some ministry teams, there are staff who serve as the ministry chairs.  For other teams, we seek leaders from the congregation.  Serving as an elder, deacon or ministry chair requires a substantial commitment to the work of Christ through Great Bridge Presbyterian Church.

Seeking God’s Servants

The Book of Order states that every congregation shall elect men and women from among its active members, giving fair representation to persons of all ages and all racial ethnic groups of the congregation. Full opportunity shall be given to the congregation for nominations by any active member of the church both prior to and during the congregational meeting.

Biblical Leadership 

Guidelines for Christian leadership are found principally in three New Testament passages:  1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9 and 1Peter 5:1-4.  Generally, these passages talk about the character of biblical leaders, including evidence of grace and compassion in common life within the family, at work and in the world.  Biblical leaders should also be mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ and have demonstrated some effectiveness in ministry in the church and in the world.   Examples of this may be found in:

  • Regular worship attendance
  • Participation in church activities
  • Offices previously or currently held
  • Commitment to the church’s mission, vision and values

Other personal characteristics include leadership ability, flexibility, willingness to learn, openness to new ideas, readiness to listen, availability, and ability to follow through on commitments.


Elders constitute the Session, our governing body. They provide spiritual leadership, make all policy decisions and serve as the congregational authority on all church matters.  They oversee the budget process and are responsible for financial and personnel matters of the church.

Elders serve as “liaisons” with ministry teams and ministry team leaders, providing spiritual support and guidance.

Elders meet monthly the third Tuesday of the month.  At times, there may be additional special meetings.  GBPC also sends elders to quarterly presbytery meetings.  In addition to meetings, time is required to meet the obligations of the role whatever they may be.


Deacons fulfill and build on the Biblical calling of Luke 10:29-37 serving the needs of those in the congregation and the community with Christ’s love, compassion and mercy following the example of the Good Samaritan on the road to Jericho.

If a member of the church is in a LIFE group, that LIFE group leader and the group itself serve as caregivers to the individual and their family.  In such case, a deacon will not be assigned.

Deacons meet the first Tuesday of every month.  Additional time is involved in making calls and visits to members of a deacon’s “flock,” primarily in response to joys and concerns of which the deacon has been made aware.

Both elders and deacons have the privilege of preparing and serving communion and making themselves available to pray with members of the congregation.


A ministry chair serves as the leader and convener of a ministry team with a particular focus in the life of the church.  This year, the CNC is seeking two ministry chairs:

Stewardship & Finance Ministry Chair


  • Lead monthly ministry team meetings
  • Attend monthly Ministry Chair meeting
  • Present the annual budget to the congregation
  • Set the annual goals for the coming year
  • Appear before session, when requested
  • Assist with the annual budget process
  • Help with fall stewardship campaign
  • Work with Treasurer & Financial Secretary

Skills:  Ability to read and understand basic operating results as compared to current year, budget and prior year, ability to read and understand a balance sheet, ability to speak to session  congregation, Excel skills

Personnel & Administration Ministry Chair

 Responsible for balancing the needs of the congregation with the needs of the staff.  Helps determine policies for staff and oversees hiring processes.  Some human resources/management experience is helpful.  Ordinarily the head of staff is an ex officio member of this team.



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