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The “Healing Our Land” Project

Thank you for participating in the Heal Our Land project! We are living in a time of physical distancing, but we can come together spiritually in prayer and song.

So God we pray to You
Humble ourselves again
Lord would You hear our cry
Lord will You heal our land

AUDIO/VIDEO GUIDELINES: Videos are due by Friday, June 12


Identify the Recording Device
• iPhone, Samsung, smartphone iPad, Samsung, tablet Computer webcam

Finding and Setting the Space
• Find the best angle
• video the singer from the chest up.
• Please use a white/light solid background and a black/dark solid shirt.
• Clear any papers, books, etc from video frame space
• Make sure area is well-lighted
• Use landscape view (phone, tablet should be horizontal)
• Secure recording device in a stand or firmly stabilize against a wall, chair, table, etc.

Preparing the Practice Guide: link to Practice Guide
• Place your listening device on your lap or somewhere out of the video frame
• Put on your ear buds/head phones. Please put wires behind your back.

• Begin video before starting the practice track. Don’t worry about extra space at the beginning—it can be trimmed.
• Sing through Heal Our Land with the practice track in your ears while filming. The practice track should not be audible in your video.
• Remember to make eye contact with the camera lens.
• Its OK to move your head to the music.

Getting Video to Charity Stephens
• Move video from your recording device to your computer.
• Email videos to If you have a gmail account then send it via that account. You will need to send it from a computer for it to automatically access your Google Drive.
Google Drive allows you to email large files that will not email directly from your device.
• Or save to Dropbox and send me the link.
• Or upload to YouTube and send me the link.

Viewing Heal Our Land
Heal Our Land will be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and on June 19. I will send out a link to all participants when the video is complete.

If you have any questions, please email Charity,
Love you all!
Charity Stephens
GBPC Contemporary Worship Director


Now Hiring! Music Intern

The Music Intern will be a committed Christian and have a working knowledge of music. We expect the intern to be involved in the music ministry of Great Bridge Presbyterian Church throughout the internship. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND APPLY.



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