CAST Volunteers Needed

October 1, 2020 all-day
Judy Steinmetz
CAST Volunteers Needed

GBPC will host our very special guests from our community for the CAST shelter.  These wonderful people have been blessed by the City of Chesapeake in a local motel  for the remainder of the year.  GBPC has offered to provide evening meals for the first two weeks of each month of September, October and November.

We will need volunteers to assist during the week to prepare, pack and deliver these meals.

You can volunteer in the following capacities: 

  1. Monetary donation for food
  2. Packing and/or delivery (MUST WEAR MASK)
  3. Providing a dish to feed up to 50 (Great Bridge can purchase the ingredients for you to prepare if you let us know)
  4. Cooking complete meal, packaging, and delivering
Please let us know what day or days you have chosen and in what capacity you would like to volunteer.  Please contact  Sam Howard, or Judy Steinmetz,
Delivery (this is a no contact delivery):
1. Must wear a mask (per CAST a mask is required during delivery).
2. Pull up to the front entrance of the hotel.
3. Allow the CAST representative to open your door and remove all boxes containing food.
4. Allow the CAST representative to close the door after removing all boxes.
5. Safely pull away from drop off and head home!
Address will be provided on your day of delivery.
1. If you have been around anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus please inform us to cancel your scheduled volunteer day.
2. If you are displaying symptoms such as fever, cold/flu symptoms, or any designated symptoms of coronavirus please inform us to cancel your scheduled volunteer day.
3. If you volunteer and have tested positive afterwards please inform us so those who were in close proximity to you can self quarantine for the required time.

Volunteers may contact Ivory Morris to coordinate pickup time.  Trays of food, gloves and all packaging materials will be provided. Volunteers can package at the church outside under the overhang or they may bring food and materials to their location to divide, distribute and package up to 50 meals.  One or two volunteers will deliver to our guests at the hotel.


1 Anyone can take any day except for the mercy chef, vegan meal, and Saturdays.  All other days are open. They can make whatever they would like, or they can follow the menu: it is up to whomever takes the day. Ivory put this in an order so they wouldn’t have spaghetti type sauce back to back or beef, chicken, turkey back to back.

2 If volunteers wish to purchase and make a meal on their own and not follow the suggested menu, please notify Ivory so she does not pre-purchase extra food. They can also donate money or ingredients towards any day if they would like to participate without being present. Again, please let Ivory know at least 3 days in advance so we are not duplicating meals.

3 If groups are providing waters or snacks, please let Ivory know in advance because she shops early. In advance would be by Wednesday of this week for next week and Wednesday of next week for the following week. A week in advance would be preferable.

We welcome financial contributions to offset the cost of food and packaging.  Donations can be made to GBPC – memo CAST 2020 meals.

Please feel free to contact any of the following with questions or concerns.


Judy Steinmetz   

Sam Howard       

Ivory Morris        



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