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Sermon Series


2017-2018 Sermon Series

Beginning September 10th, we will kick off a seven-week  series entitled “Relationships”—focusing on how they were established, how sinned caused them to be broken, and how we need to prioritize our different relationships as Christians.  In October, we will look at our relationships with the universal church on World Communion Sunday, our relationships in the local church with an emphasis on small groups, and finally our relationships with our neighbors in the community and around the world.  On October 29th, we will have a very special worship service recognizing the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door at Wittenburg (Reformation Sunday, October 29th).  In November, our series will be entitled “A Generous Life”, and will look at the gifts God has given us and how we can give our gifts to God and others.


2016-17 Sermon Series: Becoming A Disciple of Jesus

Once we are introduced to him, we spend the rest of our lives becoming a disciple of Jesus.  This year’s sermon series is comprised of several steps to facilitate the discipleship process.  Each month or season, a different step is introduced.  Usually one Sunday of the month will focus on a key Christian belief to THINK about, one on an ACTion to do, and one on a way to BE.  Interspersed periodically are also opportunities to EXPERIENCE and SERVE God in meaningful ways.

Our topics are selected from the “Believe” series by Randy Frazee.  The congregation is invited to purchase an age-appropriate Believe resource from the Wisdom Well bookstore, and follow along with their own devotions on the topic introduced.  Click on the links for the sermon series and topic schedule:

September-December schedule

January-June schedule

2015-2016 Sermon Series: The  Bible In 100 Words

Click here to download all the 100 words, supporting Scriptures and bulletin inserts that were used during the 2015-2016 series for worship and discipleship!

Though God’s Word is divided into an Old and New Testament, with many different kinds of writings not always arranged chronologically, it is still a unified story of God’s relationship with His people.  It also is a  “salvation history,” where we can learn not only God’s intentions for how we should live, but the wonderful way He rescues us from our sinfulness with the gift of His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We can see throughout the Bible that this was God’s plan from the beginning, with the people of the Old Testament demonstrating so clearly our need for God’s grace and redemption.

We’ve chosen 50 two-word phrases to try to convey in a memorable way the story of God’s Word, and each Sunday we’ll look at the Scripture passage that tells that part of the story.  To cover the Bible during the appropriate times of the church year, we’re beginning the series in August.  Look for a bookmark with all 100 words, and plan to join us each Sunday as we explore God’s word together!


2014-2015 Sermon Series:  Passport To The Kingdom

Throughout the year, we highlighted the physical and spiritual places that were introduced in the sermon text each week.  Each Sunday, we included a handout that provided in depth information about the place, its significance, and often how we can apply the lessons learned there to our own lives.



2013-2014 Sermon Series: Word of the Lord

The word “word” (dabar in the Old Testament Hebrew, and logos in the New Testament Greek) has a rich history in the Bible and is layered with multiple meanings.  God’s speech, his very words, caused the world to come into being.  The collection of writings we now know as the Bible were deemed by the early church fathers to be divinely inspired, and for us are received as the Word of God.  When we pray for the Holy Spirit to illuminate our hearts and minds before we read or hear the Bible, we are asking for an act of revelation and for God to speak directly to us in our present situation.  We have learned through research that reading God’s Word is the number one catalyst for spiritual growth.


Euangelion:  Gospel, Good News

Soteria:  Salvation

Pistis:  Faith

Koinonia:  Fellowship

Philia:  Friendship

Agape:  Love

Oikonomos:  Stewardship

Christos:  Christ

Messiah:  Christ

Logos/Dabar:  Word

Charis:  Grace

Hesed:  Loving Kindness

Metanoia:  Repent

Metamorphoo:  Transform/Transfigure

Anastasis:  Resurrection

Ekklesia:  Church

Pneuma/Ruach:  Spirit


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