Sunday School:

Sunday, 9:30 & 11:00 am—Making Sense of the Scriptures

Reading the Bible can be confusing.  When we think we finally grasp the meanings of a single book of the Bible, we may still wonder, how does it all fit together?  That’s what this class is about—exploring the Bible as a literary work, a four-act play, as we look at specific passages to understand the great themes of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.

 Sunday, 11:00 am—Bible Study Class

The class uses the inductive Bible study method and is currently working through the gospel of Matthew.

Wednesday Night Live:
Wednesday Night Live! Dinner @ 5:30! Leave the cooking to us! Adults $5, Kids $3
Reservation deadline is Monday @ 8 pm! Click here for reservations! 

Wednesday, 6:30 pm—The Gospel of Mark

Join Pastor Ralph for a study of Mark, the briefest of the four gospels known for its decisive style of communication.

Lunch & Learn:
Offered from 12:00-1:30 periodically on Sundays on different topics

Sunday, September 30th @ 12:00 pm

“Tactics: A Game Plan for Difficult Conversations”
Presented by Allen Crostic

Sunday, September 30th @ 12:00 pm In a world indifferent or even opposed to the gospel, we must be better equipped to communicate the timeless truths of the Christian faith. But how do you have a conversation with someone who is intent on proving you wrong and won’t accept the Bible as a source of authority? In this class, you’ll learn how to maneuver comfortably and graciously through the minefields of a challenging discussion, how to stop challengers in their tracks, and how to turn the tables on a question or provocative statement. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to get people thinking about Jesus.

Allen received his Master’s of Arts in Christian Apologetics from Talbot School of Theology. He is chapter director with Reasonable Faith in Richmond, Va, and spends his time teaching others how to understand, articulate, and defend the Christian faith. Cost of lunch TBA.

  • Upcoming Events

    all-day Celebration Sunday
    Celebration Sunday
    Nov 18 all-day
    Celebration Sunday @ Chesapeake | Virginia | United States
    Please pray about what God is calling you to do in 2019.  Pray believing that we can never out-give God, and anticipate what God will do in your life as a result of your faithfulness. [...]
    2:00 pm Tea Tasting
    Tea Tasting
    Nov 18 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    Tea Tasting
    “Formal Tasting Tea”  in the East End Lounge! Holly Johnson and Kathy Cobb, members of the local International Tea Society, will be speaking at the First Annual Tea Tasting Event on Sunday, November 18 in[...]
    all-day Advent Readers Needed
    Advent Readers Needed
    Nov 20 – Nov 21 all-day
    Advent Readers Needed
    LIGHT THE ADVENT CANDLES!  We are looking for people, families, life groups or just plain friends and buddies to read during worship services. Click here to sign up!
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