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The mission of Great Bridge Presbyterian Church is to “share Christ’s love and equip God’s people.”

Our values and vision are reflected in our belief that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone on which Great Bridge Presbyterian Church is built. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God.  Our vision is to Share Christ’s love through one million touches in our church, community, country, and throughout the world.

We are Presbyterian, which is a branch of the Christian faith that comes out of the Reformation, when men and women sought to “reform” Christ’s church to be more focused on learning about God through His Word, encountering God in meaningful worship, and following Christ alone as the ultimate authority in their lives.

We are Christ-centered, which means that we encourage all to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, whom we believe is the sole provision God gives us sinful, broken people to be reconciled to him.  Being Christ-centered also means that we seek to pattern all that we do after the life, ministry, and commission of Jesus.  Four values enable us to do that:

GRACE: We are saved through God’s gift of Grace and we demonstrate God’s unconditional love in gratitude to God and service to others.

BIBLE: The Holy Bible reveals God’s Word and is the sole foundation for daily living, providing exposure to God’s truth and person. We desire that each individual know God personally and discover God’s will for their life through intentional regular study. prayer and meditation.

PRAYER: We accept God’s invitation to come into His presence and seek His will through prayer.

COMMUNITY: We believe spiritual growth is nurtured by personal relationships within the church community. We invite all people to participate in a fellowship that loves our neighbor, serves one another and speaks the truth in love.

We are evangelical, which means we feel called to share the good news of Jesus’s life, teaching, death and resurrection with the whole world.

We are committed to growth, believing that in the Great Commission, Jesus gave us the command to make disciples.  This means conversion is a life-long process, and we take seriously the part of our mission statement that states our desire to equip people to mature in Jesus Christ.  One tool we use to focus on spiritual growth is the six marks of discipleship:

A heart for Christ alone—Jesus is our utmost priority in life

A mind transformed by the Word—we spend time in God’s word so God can transform us from the inside out

Arms of love—we open our arms to one another in community and to the world

Knees for prayer—we have a personal relationship with Jesus characterized by intimate conversation with him

A voice to speak the good news—we know we are called to share with others about God’s love.

A spirit of servanthood and stewardship—we treat every aspect of our lives as though it is on loan to us from God, and joyfully give God our acts of service in appreciation for all that He has given

We are missional, which means we feel called to go “outside the walls” and demonstrate in our lives, words and actions the core truth that God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, to provide to those who believe the assurance of an eternity spent with Him.  This commitment has led us to join with other like-minded churches in the Fellowship Community who are seeking to lift up this as the highest purpose for the church.



  • Upcoming Events

    all-day Celebration Sunday
    Celebration Sunday
    Nov 18 all-day
    Celebration Sunday @ Chesapeake | Virginia | United States
    Please pray about what God is calling you to do in 2019.  Pray believing that we can never out-give God, and anticipate what God will do in your life as a result of your faithfulness. [...]
    2:00 pm Tea Tasting
    Tea Tasting
    Nov 18 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
    Tea Tasting
    “Formal Tasting Tea”  in the East End Lounge! Holly Johnson and Kathy Cobb, members of the local International Tea Society, will be speaking at the First Annual Tea Tasting Event on Sunday, November 18 in[...]
    all-day Advent Readers Needed
    Advent Readers Needed
    Nov 20 – Nov 21 all-day
    Advent Readers Needed
    LIGHT THE ADVENT CANDLES!  We are looking for people, families, life groups or just plain friends and buddies to read during worship services. Click here to sign up!
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